Authorities believe that a dangerous blood-borne virus is to blame for the sudden spike in both murders and deaths in recent weeks in and around Kansas City.  It is thought to be the same virus discovered in River Grove, Oregon where at least twenty people were discovered dead in 2006.  Scientists have made no comments about whether this is the same strain found in the Niveus Pharmaceuticals swine flu vaccine in 2010.  Authorities are calling the virus “Croatoan.” 

Speculation that this may be an premeditated attack of biological warfare has forced government officials to take action.  By order of Acting Regional Command, residents of Kansas City and outline areas are required to evacuate by August 1st, 2014.  Entry to the area will be prohibited and strictly enforced beginning that date.  Displaced residents in need of shelter are urged to contact their local law enforcement.  All evacuees will be asked to provide identification and may be subject to onsite medial testing.  Any evacuees resisting official directives will be detained.  Authorities urge residents to use marked evacuation routes to maintain efficiency.

Sources say that victims of the virus are known to be physically aggressive and show a drive to attack others. If you encounter an infected individual, DO NOT ENGAGE. Contact local law enforcement immediately and seek refuge.

Please, do your part and spread the word.  Your safety, and the safety of your neighbors, is our number one concern.

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Song of the Sea (2014) | production stills from the ASIFA sneak peek

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Someone has been watching one too many horror films.

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Am I the only who thought it was really cute how Haru carried his ladle all the up the stairs? Cause it was fucking adorable.

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It wasn’t rock music, Electro was playing the fucking Itsy Bitsy Spider on the tower things


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all these inspirational posts are sweet and all but are there ones that talk about when i even /think/ about drawing i get physically uncomfortable and it's been that way for months


It doesn’t mean it’ll be that way forever. C8>

If you continued onto the journal, the author sympathizes with everyone’s struggles and doesn’t say it’s just easy to get back on the ball. I’ve struggled too, I’ve had days where it was almost painful to draw because I’d just hate everything that came out so I wouldn’t want to even try.

But mistakes are necessary. Bad art is necessary. They are both vital to improvement. Making “crappy” art (which is subjective of course) is far more valuable than doing none at all.

If art isn’t something you want to do as a career, then I wouldn’t worry about it as much. <83 As a hobby you don’t need to force yourself to stress out. But if it is for a career, a lot of us (and as I said, ESPECIALLY ME KAJHSKAS) need to get on the ball and work our way through the pain if we want to make our goals a reality.

The quote that stood out to me most was:

Listen here young padawan, everyone is busy, everyone has responsibilities, everyone has non art related stuff to deal with everyday. You’re not special because you’re swamped with different things than I. Here’s a little secret: if something is important you will make time for it.

It’s harsh, but at some point I realized they were absolutely right, which is why I draw every single day without fail now, even if it’s a single doodle.

Do with the info what you will. If you or anyone else ever needs help or a pep talk or anything, I’m more than happy to give my best! Art can be emotionally draining but no one has to go it alone!

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*chugs a gallon of water*

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Surfing in the Clouds with @hisarahlee

For more of Sarah Lee’s atmospheric shots underwater and above, follow @hisarahlee.

“Duck diving”—the act of riding waves beneath the surf—has found a home in the incredible, ethereal photos by Hawai’i Instagrammer Sarah Lee (@hisarahlee). “One day I was out body-surfing and I saw the way the waves broke like this cool cloud in the sky, but underwater,” she says. “I thought, ‘the closest thing to flying could be diving under the waves.’”

Most of Sarah’s photos feature other female aquatic athletes, who are also her close friends. In part, she sees her subjects as extensions of herself. Growing up in Hawai’i, Sarah spent almost every moment in the water.

“The ocean is a force of nature you cannot control. That’s what I’ve enjoyed most about it,” she says. “The shot is always different.”

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