Smart people have all kinds of delicious stuff in their heads! Well, now you can eat it. You can get Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare or Sigmund Freud candy in a book-shaped package. Each wrapper has the face of the genius on it. Shakespeare tastes like lemon, Poe is grape and for some mysterious reason Freud reminded us of bananas. Food for thinkers! Looks great on a bookshelf.

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Is there a specific word for the sound of rain in any language?


rimjhim (Hindi) - a light, tapping sound produced by the series of raindrops rapidly falling and hitting onto a surfaceimage

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"I am not alone!

Marin and I are always together. Now, in the past, in the future, and even as we face the end.

No one will ever be able to break the bond we share!

So thank you, and goodbye, Marin Blue!




Headcanon that after the battle of Hogwarts, George dyes his hair an outrageous colour, and at first Molly is mad, but then she hears George whisper “I kept thinking it was him in the mirror”. 


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Free! Eternal Summer End Cards 1-12

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Why isn’t anyone talking about this?

Watch non black cosplayers and lovers of cosplay stay silent on this.

Man what in the FUCK

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Just a set of quick photos I did for class.

you lost all your energy before you even walked out the door? you lazy bum

That’s exactly what a monday feels like

kinda what social anxiety feels like
*gets to door*
wait never mind i need to alphabetize my sock drawer

this is what chronic illness looks like. :( this is what I go through every single day. Only I’m at half empty before I even get out of bed… :\

exactly what chronic illness looks like. mental or physical. this is a great illustration, which perhaps people with more empathy than “you lazy bum” can relate to.

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Oh my god, that gif of hannah and cas in the car with cas driving reminds me so much of dean and cas's car scenes:'-( Cas is taking Dean's place and Hannah is taking Cas's as far as roles this season. Exciting! I'm thinking this either going to end with Hannah dying for Cas (giving her grace to him or something like that) or Cas telling Hannah he can't go with them to heaven, that he wants to stay with dean on earth, and she'll be the one to lead the angels and heaven.


Definitely, and I’m sure we’ll see more of that parallel.  If Cas/Hannah is meant to push Cas into realizing his feelings for Dean, then having Hannah parallel Cas is crucial for that understanding.  If Cas can see himself in Hannah, then he’ll have to wonder who it is that he’s pining after.  Plus, it’ll be yet another instance of Dean and Cas’ arcs paralleling, which is just fantastic because it puts them on equal ground.

As for Hannah’s fate, I think you’re right- although I’m really, really hoping it’s the second option.  Not only would that allow TPTB to resolve some of the conflict with the angels, but it would also be a fitting end to Hannah’s arc: if in the course of this season she learns to appreciate humanity the way angels were always supposed to, then she will be the perfect leader for Heaven, because she’s already on the road to understanding what it means to have free will.  Also, I really hope it’s not the first option, because it would be yet another dead female angel, and all for the sake of a love interest, which is problematic on a couple of different levels.

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"Cas, you get ash in my hair and I’ll finish the job the Croats started."

endverse deancas + 15 for lifehappenedtome ♥

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wat rings u got bitch?

Thus the myth of the knight lumbering around like Frankenstein is busted

This myth bugs me to no end, so let me clear it up here and now:

A made-to-measure suit of full plate armour is (and ergo was) less cumbersome to wear than, say, an ill-fitting all-weather coat. It was expensive as heck, but the movement it afforded was surprisingly non-restrictive. Also remember that the men who wore these suits were usually quite physically fit (medieval knights - who were among the few who could afford the armour - were trained to fight from around 6 years-old), and were accustomed to training while wearing them.

Plate armour was moderately heavy, granted, but the weight was optimally distributed over the body, meaning the mostly costly aspect of wearing it was increased fatigue. It’s not heavy in the same way a hiking backpack is heavy. Any accounts of a knight being unable to rise after being knocked down were most likely because he was injured, dehydrated, or just plain exhausted - all of which being common in battle anyway. Regardless, it’s unlikely that it’s because his armour prevented him from moving… and the fallacy of knights requiring cranes to get onto their horses is just stupid.

The idea that full plate was sooo impractical is ludicrous; if it were, people wouldn’t have bothered with it.

"But plate armor is increadibly heavyyyy! Only giant musclemen can even move in iiiit! It’s completely useless against agile unarmored foooooes! Women can’t even put it oooon, its sole weight will nail them in one placeeee!"

If it’s not “the distraction factor" that people use to try to justify ridiculous female armor, it’s "agility".

We’ve featured another video that dispelled many myths about field plate armor, but the performers weren’t as agile as the noble knight above.

Partially this myth survives I think because like Dungeons and Dragons always insist on selling up the idea that heavier armors come with heavier agility penalties.  And to a certain extent, there are certain activities I wouldn’t expect to be able to do while wearing plate armor.

  • Rock climbing without tools or ropes
  • High diving and synchronized swimming
  • Aerial gymnastics 
  • Dancing en pointe

Okay I don’t do any of those things but you get the point.

Practical armor is made to allow at least a fair amount of agility for it’s wearer for a simple reason: The best defense is not to be in the way of the attack, that way you don’t suffer any of the impact.

Or to put it a simpler way:  Lots of safety gear is uncomfortable and encumbering, but was the last time you heard someone propose that workers should just go without - that way if there’s an accident they’ll be able to get out of the way quicker?

- wincenworks

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